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Ginzy's Homepage
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Ginzy's Homepage

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First...a   little   bit   about   me...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in... I'm a Communications Operator (E9-1-1, police, fire, EMS) in Southern New Jersey. I've been a CO for 12 (looong) years and work entirely too much! On the next page you will find some really great links to public safety and law enforcement pages. Hope you enjoy them!

Oh! You're probably wondering what that cute little black puff ball is--well, that's a Schipperke-pronounced skipperkey. I have a Schipperke and his name is King, he's five years old. Eventually, you'll find some links to Schipp pages on this site.

Be sure to stop back frequently as there will be a lot of changes now that I'm getting the hang of this!

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